Maths Curriculum

Year 7 - 11

The students follow a course based on a model of progression over five years which focuses on teaching for understanding with built in reasoning and problem solving skills throughout.

Lessons are planned around maximum student involvement and incorporate a range of tasks and activities.

Assessment for learning is planning thoroughly every lesson to ensure students understand key concepts. This is supplemented by short topic assessments allowing for support or extension tasks to be given to ensure that students are ready to progress to the next stage of learning.

Key Stage 3 (Years 7 and 8)

The content of KS3 is divided into four areas; Number, Algebra, Geometry and Statistics.

In line with the changes to the maths curriculum from KS2-5, students study the above areas with the emphasis on depth of understanding, reasoning and problem solving skills

To help develop further understanding and build upon previous knowledge, key topics are revisited and extended through year 7 and 8, allowing a sound base for moving onto the GCSE course.

Key Stage 4 (Year 9-11)

All students begin to follow the AQA Linear New GCSE. The course is then assessed at the end of year 11 by three papers (two Calculator and one Non-Calculator); there is no controlled assessment or modular exams. There are two levels of entry - Higher covering grades 4-9 and Foundation covering grades 1-5. The level of entry for a pupil is decided near the time of the exam and after careful consideration and discussion.

Students expected to achieve the highest grades will be given the opportunity to study and gain an extra qualification in further mathematics or statistics.

Key Stage 5 (Years 12 and 13)

Students that choose to continue with Mathematics at AS and A Level follow the AQA Mathematics Specification course. In addition, we also offer Further Mathematics at AS/A level.

Year 13 students are currently studying the EDEXCEL specification.

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