At KS5, students will study the AQA Media Studies specification over 2 years. There is no opportunity to study for the AS as a stand-alone qualification at the end of year 12. This course will be taught as a 2 year A-level.

Through studying A-level Media Studies, students will view, evaluate and analyse a variety of media products, and develop practical skills spanning a range of media forms similar to the BTEC but in a more theoretical way. Students will study a range of contemporary, diverse topics and also further develop their core skills of independent research, problem-solving as well as their creativity. They’ll also refine their debating skills through the discussion of contemporary issues from a range of perspectives.

The AQA A-level specification offers a smooth progression from KS4 Media Studies and provides students with the chance to extend their practical skills in their coursework, building their capacity for independent research, and gaining a deeper appreciation and understanding of the role media plays in day-to-day life. The course is split up as follows:

  • Paper 1 Exam: 2 hours, 84 marks, split into sections A&B. (Topics tested on include: advertising & marketing, music videos, radio, newspapers, film) 35% of overall A-level.
  • Paper 2 Exam: 2 hours, 84 marks, not split into sections. (Topics tested on include: television, magazines and online, social and participatory media/video games) 35% of overall A-level.
  • Coursework: A choice of one of six annually changing briefs, set by AQA, worth 60 marks. 30% of the overall A-level. It will be assessed by teachers and moderated by AQA.

Both exams will be sat in the June of the final year of the course. Similarly, coursework will be submitted no later than the May of the final year of study.

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