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Year 6 Transition Portal 2024

Welcome to our Transition Portal.

Here you'll find lots of important information to ease the transition to Meden School over the coming months.

IMPORTANT - please ensure you read carefully the section called "Next Steps - Enrolling your child at Meden School" as you now need to update the details we hold for your child. This is essential to ensure that Meden School hold the correct information for your child.

Mr Morton (Deputy Head Teacher)

Miss Mann (Deputy Head Teacher)

Head of Year 7 - Miss Clogg

7A (Mrs Wallett)

7B (Mr Salway)

7C (Mr Oxford)

7D (Mrs Warman / Miss Woodfield)

7E (Mrs Zaccardelli)

7F (Mr McCartney)

7G (Mr Kendrick)

Getting to know your teachers


Our website is full of useful information for parents and pupils. Here are a few links to some of the most important for new Year 7s.





Please follow the steps in the document below to successfully enrol your child at Meden School:

Enrolling your Child

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