Welcome to the PE Department

The PE department are extremely committed to ensuring that every student at Meden School is able to fully develop their range of physical and social skills through their involvement in a high quality PE curriculum.

Every student at Meden School is encouraged to take part in our extensive extra-curricular PE programme. During these times, the PE staff organise practices, clubs and competitions. All of these activities encourage and develop a 'sport for all' philosophy.

Activities will change every term to allow a variety of different sports to be offered across the whole school in line with the fixtures calendar for Nottingham and Mansfield.

For more information see the extra-curricular section of the website.

Athlete of the Week

Each week one girl and one boy will be nominated by the PE Department as the Athlete of the Week. The nominations for this award will range from excellent sporting performances both inside and outside of school, 100% effort and a positive attitude in PE lessons and commitment to PE extra curricular clubs and fixtures.

Week ending Student Name Reason for Nomination
6/10/17 Will Fairweather For excellent effort within his GCSE PE coursework
6/10/17 Caitlin Parkin Excellent effort and attitude within CORE PE
29/9/17 Bethany Bhakta For excellent effort and attitude to learning in her netball lessons
29/9/17 Kauley Jones For his fantastic effort and determination within his PE lessons
22/9/17 Libby Croshaw For excellent leadership in the after school netball club
22/9/17 Adam Thomson Parker For his fantastic effort and determination within his cross country lesson
15/9/17 Tyler Whyle For being a fantastic role model in his PE lessons
15/9/17 Electra Lowe Excellent ATL and performance within her PE Lessons
8/9/17 Callum Mewett For stepping out of his comfort zone and taking part in a PE lesson he was meant to be observing
8/9/17 Sophie Spooner For excellent leadership skills in her first gymnastics lesson

Key Dates

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Friday 20th October 2017
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Year 10 & Year 11

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