Year 7

Year 7 assessment

From Monday 5th June, our Year 7 students will be assessed during their normal lessons. This will be their final period of assessments for this academic year. Teachers will advise the students what day their assessments will take place on. All of the revision material they will need is available on the link below.

You can support your child in the next few weeks by ensuring that:

  • They plan and follow a revision timetable. Make sure they revise for each subject and spend time every day revising. Little and often can be an effective technique.
  • They know when and where their exams will take place.
  • They are on time for school and have the right equipment (pen, pencil, calculator, ruler, highlighter, pens etc. in a clear pencil case or bag)
  • They speak to their teachers to clarify anything they are unsure about well in advance of the exam.
  • They understand the need for the highest standards of behaviour during the exams. Poor behaviour will not be accepted and appropriate sanctions will be given if necessary.

Revision material

Blank revision timetable

Revision tips booklet

Successful revision handout

attitude to learning

All schools evaluate the progress the students are making in terms of their grades, however at Meden we also place great emphasis on student' 'Attitude to Learning' or ATL.

What does ATL mean?

A student is given a score of 1,2,3 or 4 for each subject based on a number of factors which are shown in the table below. An average of these scores represents a students total ATL. An average score of 1 is the best score a student can get and an average score of 4 is the worst. Most students will get a score somewhere between the two and hopefully as low as possible to show the best ATL.

ATL reports are uploaded to INSIGHT at regular points throughout the years so that you may see how your child is doing. Achievement assemblies are held every half term to celebrate the highest ATL scores as well as the most improved students.


  • Poppy Bedford
  • Emma Barker
  • Ella Bettridge
  • ​Cody Brazier
  • Ebony Bush
  • Rebecca Durrani
  • Amber Guy
  • Grace Johnstone
  • Jayden Staley
  • Faye Temple


  1. Mitchell Folwell
  2. Poppy Robinson
  3. Jack Savage
  4. Layleigh Klecha
  5. Baileigh Cotton
  6. Brooke Simpson

Upcoming Events

  • 26/7/17 Inset Day
  • 27/7/17 - 3/9/17 Meden School Summer Holidays
  • 4/9/17 Return to school

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