Welcome to the Science Department

The Science Department at Meden School consists of nine teachers, one senior lab technician and one lab technician. The Science Department is striving to offer an excellent science education to students of all ages and abilities. Our staff are subject specialists and are driven by the desire to ensure that all learners make good progress in every lesson. We have high expectations of our students in terms of behaviour, attitude and effort. The science staff are always available to support parents and carers in achieving the best possible outcomes for their children.

Key Contacts:

  • Head of Science: Mr J Mehat
  • Second in Science and KS3 Co-ordinator: Miss T Vine
  • Second in Science and KS4 Co-ordinator: Mr Meecham
  • Teacher of Biology: Mrs E Corns
  • Teacher of Biology: Miss V Crossland
  • ‚ÄčTeacher of Biology: Mrs L Brailsford
  • Teacher of Chemistry : Miss K Caulton
  • Teacher of Physics: Mr D Grewal
  • Teacher of Science: Mrs Y Bryan
  • Senior Laboratory Technician: Mrs P Kennedy
  • Laboratory Technician: Mr G Harris

Science Support Sessions

Meden School Science Department run bespoke support sessions every week.  Please come along to catch up on homework, revision or exam practice.

Every Tuesday & Thursday evening after school in A14.

All pupils are welcome from Years 7 to 13.

Science Check Lists

You can download check lists for Biology, Chemistry and Physics from the right hand side of this page to use in your revision. They are a great way to check that you know everything that is required for your exams!