Welcome to the Geography Department

What is the purpose of Geography at Meden School?

  • To generate curiosity within our students about the world in which they live.
  • To create a sense of awe and wonder about their world that inspires them to want to know more and do more to protect our planet.
  • To help students develop a better understanding of how Britain links to the wider world.
  • To show the importance and significance of geography in wider society.
  • To help students to understand the physical and human processes that shape our world.
  • To challenge stereotypes and misconceptions about the world in which they live.
  • To be aware of how actions can have local, national and global impacts.
  • To know what challenges we face and how we can respond to them.
  • Provide students with opportunities to use skills and knowledge gained from other subject areas and apply them to real life geographical situations.
  • Students can accurately interpret and analyse figures/sources of information.
  • Embed geographical skills that will be useful to students later in life
  • Awareness and understanding of local geography.
  • Understanding the process of decision making.
  • Enabling students to confidently make decisions about geographical issues.

June 2024


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