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Welcome to the Y11 Success Hub!

On this page, you will find a number of resources designed to help you reach your full potential in your GCSE exams this summer and be a SUCCESS.

As well as lots of helpful revision tips and strategies, you will find tips and guidance about how to look after yourself at this vital time, and information for your parents.

If you have any questions or worries, then please feel free to email your tutor or Miss Clogg (Y11 Achievement Leader) lclogg@medenschool.co.uk


Click here to access the GCSE exam timetable

GCSE Exam Timetable


Here is a copy of the exam warm ups taking place over the next couple of weeks, during the exam period.

Exam Warm up timetable


If you were unable to attend the Parent Information Evening or would like a recap of the information, please click on the link below

Parent Information Evening Link

How to Revise Guide:

With exams just around the corner, revision is on everyone's mind, but the real question is ‘What are the best revision tips?’ Exam periods can be scary times, the grades you get can affect what you go on to do in later life, which can lead you to stress over the grades you’ll get. The best way to ensure you achieve your potential is to revise, make sure you retain the information you’ve been taught and know how to implement the knowledge that you have. We have developed a simple guide to revison that will help you retain more information in your long term memory ready for you exams that you can download below.



Using GCSE Pod:

GCSEPod is proven to help students achieve one grade higher on average than non-users, across 30+ GCSE subjects and all exam boards. Just login in with your Meden computer login and get revising! Login here

BBC Bitesize Exams and Revision:

Exams can be stressful, but don't worry: BBC Bitesize have got you. Check out their handy tips and advice for keeping on top of your studies and revision. CLICK HERE for Tips and Advice

100 Day Count Down

Plan out the last 100 days before your exams. Here is a road map to the last 100 Days in school and the support available to you: CLICK HERE for 100 Day Count Down Map

NEW FEB 2024

Corbett Maths is doing a 100 day countdown for GCSE where every day he does a short 5-10 minute video on a topic with some practice questions. Here are the links

GCSE Maths Foundation https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCkAjxP1zN674GFgX7KFdfBBdth08IpWB

GCSE Maths Higher https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLCkAjxP1zN66GcOg7NRnUW-W8Xxy4MLe4

YipYap on Demand

Free access to hundreds of GCSE Maths and English videos


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Geography Paper 1 Masterclass

Geography Paper 3 Masterclass

Geography Paper 2 Masterclass

Geography Fieldwork Masterclass

History - Germany Masterclass

History Masterclass - Medicine

Geography Paper 1 Masterclass

English Literature Masterclass

Art Masterclass

History Masterclass - Conflict & Tension

History Masterclass - Medicine

Geography Paper 2 Masterclass

From the Sideline Resources:

‘From the Sidelines’ aims to educate parents and families on the science behind how our children learn, together with how to create the perfect environment at home in which to support them. We break this down into distinct areas of focus where we give parents all the knowledge they need via our expert input, but designed in a fresh and modern way to reach and engage the parents of today.

Each distinct focus has a short and succinct ‘Study Hack’ video that lasts approx 1 minute, giving parents a quick and practical overview of what it is and how to do it. Then for parents who are intrigued and want to know more, they can go on to watch or listen to the 15 minute ‘Podcast Episode’ linked to the same topic, which gets under the surface of why this works, why it’s important and also what to avoid - the perfect way to bridge the gap between teaching and parenting.

They believe this can provide parents with their ‘parenting superpower’ which can be the gateway to bridging the disadvantaged gap - unlocking every family’s opportunity to level up by supporting their child to achieve in line with their potential, not just their postcode.

Click here for the From the Sidelines Website

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