Welcome to the Sociology Department

Purpose Statement

The study of Sociology must focus on contemporary society and foster the development of critical and reflective thinking with a respect for social diversity. It must provide an awareness of different ethnicities, genders and classes within society and issues these minority groups face in our culture. Students must be encouraged to develop their own sociological awareness through active engagement with the contemporary social world, maintaining up-to-date knowledge of the news and developments within society. This is paramount in creating knowledgeable members of society, aiding them in their future aspirations.


  • Acquire knowledge and a critical understanding of contemporary social processes and social changes, considering different perspectives and opinions
  • Appreciate the significance of both sides of a debate and creating well considered, evidenced arguments
  • Understand and evaluate sociological research, questioning whether information is reliable and then making informed decisions
  • Develop skills that enable individuals to focus on their personal identity, roles and responsibilities within society
  • Develop a lifelong interest in social issues and a deeper understanding of how different agencies within society (media, education, families, criminal justice system) can shape individuals’ identity and the policies on a wider scale


June 2024


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