The Learning Zone

The Learning Zone is the ideal environment for effective study, offering a wide range of resources.

We have approximately 11,000 books covering curriculum subjects, leisure and pleasure reading, including fiction to suit all ages and abilities.

Pupils can borrow TWO items for TWO weeks. Books can be renewed, if required for a further period and reminders will be sent out when books are overdue for 14 days.

Years 7 and 8 have an Accelerated Reading lesson timetabled once a week in The Learning Zone as part of the their English lessons.

There are currently 10 computers within The Learning Zone that can be used by pupils at lunchtime and during lesson times for their Accelerated Reading quizzes.

Pupils can follow The Learning Zone Twitter account @MedenLibrary for the latest information regarding their library, new book releases, competitions and much more.


June 2024


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