Welcome to the History Department

What is the purpose of History at Meden School?

  • To embed an understanding of how past events have shaped the world we see today.
  • Inspire pupils to know more about our past so that they are aware of the significance of History.
  • To show students how societies have changed overtime.
  • To help students to understand the purpose, tone and perspective of a source and to use this to encourage students to think critically when studying different sources of information.
  • To make students aware of significant turning points in history.
  • To know how Britain has influenced and been influenced (positive and negative) by the wider world.
  • To have an understanding of History beyond Britain too.
  • Awareness and importance of local history.
  • Learning from past mistakes to make a better future.
  • Showing understanding and having respect for other cultures.
  • To use sources to infer and develop layers of meaning

July 2024


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