From Monday 23rd March, until further notice Meden School will only be open for children of key workers and vulnerable groups. Please check the website daily for more updates.

Welcome to the History Department

Meden School History department consists of three specialist historians Mr Bentley, Mr Salway and Mr Byrne.

Our aims as history teachers are:

  • To help students develop a sense of identity through learning about the development of Britain, Europe and the world
  • To introduce students to what is involved in understanding and interpreting the past
  • To arouse interest in the past
  • To contribute to pupils knowledge and understanding of other countries and cultures
  • To understand the present in light of the past
  • To enrich other areas of the curriculum
  • To train the mind by disciplined study
  • To prepare students for adult life

We are also, through our teaching methods, committed to the following:

  • To encourage students to enjoy History
  • To develop an understanding of the methodology of the Historian
  • To understand what motivated the actions of people in the past.

Our vision

We hope that through the study of History that attitudes and skills will be developed which will help students become responsible members of society and be better prepared for a role in an ever changing society.

In addition to the enjoyment of History we also aim for Students to achieve maximum academic success. We insist of high standards of behavior and work.

The department will, at all times, seek to foster mutual respect amongst individuals, teachers and students. We promote understanding of equal opportunities, multi-cultural awareness and citizenship. Finally, our teaching styles and departmental practices will reflect and reinforce the learning ethos and other values of the school community.

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