Year 7


Thursday 15th October from 4pm - 7pm

How does it work?

Follow the link to book an appointment with your child's tutor. You can choose to receive either a phone call or a video call.

Book an appointment (now disabled)

  • If you choose a Phone call - your child's tutor will call you on the number given at approximately the time given.
  • If you choose a Video call - you will receive an invitation to join a video call using 3CX at your chosen time. Please follow the instructions below

Joining a Meeting in 3CX

1. Prior to the meeting taking place you will receive a calendar invite from the member staff

2. If you anticipate attending the meeting on your Apple or Android smartphone (or tablet device), please follow the links contained in the calendar invite to install the 3CX Web Meetings app prior to the start of the meeting.


3. Once the 3CX Web Meeting App is installed on your smartphone you will be able to tap the joining link on your smartphone to join the meeting. Note – you may be prompted to allow the link to open in the 3CX Web Meeting app Note – you may also be prompted to allow access to your camera and microphone

4. If you are using a laptop or desktop device, you will need to use either Google Chrome or Firefox.

5. When you enter a meeting, you will be asked to provide your name, then click continue.

6. On the next screen you will be prompted to allow access to your Camera and Microphone. Click the Allow button when prompted.

7. After allowing access you will also be able to turn your microphone and camera on or off before entering the meeting. If your camera is turned on you will also get a preview of the picture to check everything is correct.

Note – if your camera is unavailable it may be ‘locked’ in another application such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or other video conferencing software. Try closing applications and retry with 3CX 8.

8. When you are ready to join the meeting click Join Now

9. You will then be taken to the meeting console that will look like this

10. On the right-hand side is the list of attendees currently in the meeting and the meeting chat box

11. When the member of staff enters the meeting, they will manage the meeting and end the meeting when completed.

12. If you experience any difficulties in accessing the meeting, please reply to the calendar invite you received, and we will do our best to assist you.

If we cannot connect a video call with you, the tutor will call you on the telephone number provided.

If for any reason you are unable to make an appointment, please contact your child's tutor to arrange an alternative time to correspond.

Meet the Year 7 Team

Head of Year : Mrs Garlick

‚ÄčTutorial groups

Mr Plumbley
Miss Szebo / Miss Newby
Miss Wilson / Mrs Streets
Mr Stower
Mr Gibbison
Mr Upton
Mrs Archdale