From Monday 22nd June, a formal timetable & 1:1 sessions will commence for Y10 & Y12 students by invitation only. The provision for children of key workers & vulnerable students continues.

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Why choose Media studies at GCSE?

In today’s ever-evolving world of social-networking and technological gizmos, there has never been more of a need for Media studies in order to make sense of the world we now live in. Media Studies focuses on the different ways that audiences today communicate with each other and are communicated with by different media platforms. There are 3 platforms which students will investigate and analyse throughout the duration of the course, these are: print media (newspapers, magazines), broadcast (T.V. radio, films) and e-media (internet, pod-casts, social-media). Students study a variety of topics and key media concepts such as representation and genre and analyse how the media constructs our world today. In choosing Media studies, students will develop an array of skills that will allow them not only to identify how the media landscape today is constructed but also how to apply these skills to their benefit. Media studies enables students to become more socially and politically informed of the world around them and able to decode the messages that they are exposed to on a daily basis.

Important Facts

Year 9 will act as a foundation year to the GCSE which students will start properly in Year 10 but students will still study the necessary skills and key topics that will enable them to succeed and do well later on. Students will study key topics such:

  • Representation i.e. gender stereotypes in the media
  • Advertising i.e. magazines and brand identity, Newspapers
  • Genre conventions i.e. film trailers and adverts
  • Film and Television Industry i.e. Hollywood movies

Media Studies is also split between Exam and Coursework. Please see below for a link to the course specification:

Possible Career Paths

  • Journalism – Magazines or Newspapers
  • Advertising Industry
  • Television/Film or Radio Industry
  • Digital Marketing
  • Social-Media Expert

Extra-curricular activities and opportunities within Media Studies

Within the Media Studies department, there are many opportunities to get involved with other curricular activities. Students have access to tripods and digital cameras which they can use to create their own short films and trailers. Students will also get the chance to visit Bradford’s National Media Museum where they can learn about the Media and the various ways it impacts our lives. Students have also visited The British Film Institute in London and the Warner Bros. Studies where they can learn more about the Harry Potter Universe and see how sets and big, blockbusters are created.

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