The table below shows all school staff in alphabetical order, the departments in which they teach (where applicable) and any special responsibilities held.

Executive Head Teacher

Mr C JamesExecutive Head Teacher

Head of School

Ms E SimsHead of School

School Leaders

Mrs L Brett [H/W]Modern Foreign Languages
Design & Technology
Deputy Headteacher
Miss L Clenaghan [H/W]EnglishASL/ Head of English
Mr C Gibbison [H/W]Physical EducationAssistant Headteacher
Miss K Hickinbotham [H/W]Physical EducationASL/ Head of Year 9
Miss A Madher [H/W]Geography
SMSC / British Values
ASL/ Curriculum Leader of Humanities
Mr J SmithDesign & TechnologyDeputy Headteacher

Teaching Staff

Mr C Bailey [H/W]Design & TechnologyTeacher of Technology
Mr T Bentley [H/W]History
SMSC / British Values
Teacher of History, Coordinator for me@meden
Mr S Bird [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Mr W Byrne [H/W]Geography
Teacher of History/Geography
Miss L Clogg [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Miss L Coe [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Mrs L Cohen [H/W]Design & TechnologyTeacher of Technology
Miss R Coleman [H/W]Inclusion
Sendco, Teacher of English
Mrs E Corns [H/W]ScienceAssistant Head of College/ Teacher of Science
Miss V Crossland [H/W]ScienceSecond in Science
Mrs F Garlick [H/W]Physical EducationHead of Year 11/ Head of PE
Mrs H Gibney [H/W]EnglishKS5 English Co-ordinator
Mr M Hamer [H/W]Business
Physical Education
Head of Year 7 / Teacher of Business Studies & PE
Ms L Hunter [H/W]ScienceTeacher of Science
Mr S Hyatt [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Miss S Johnson [H/W]ScienceTeacher of Science
Miss C Jones [H/W]EnglishSecond in English
Mr C Kendrick [H/W]ScienceTeacher of Science
Miss K Kinney [H/W]MathematicsHead of Maths
Mrs K Knight [H/W]Business
SMSC / British Values
Curriculum Leader of ICT/Business
Miss L LarkinEnglish
Performing Arts
Teacher of English
Mr M Levitt [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Mr M McCartneyEnglishHead of Media
Mrs L Michell [H/W]Performing ArtsCurriculum Leader of Drama
Miss M Newby [H/W]Design & TechnologyTeacher of Technology
Mr N Oxford [H/W]ICTTeacher of ICT
Mr M Plumbley [H/W]Design & TechnologyTeacher of DT
Mr L Salway [H/W]HistoryTeacher of History
Mr D Scarsbrook [H/W]Design & TechnologyCurriculum Leader of DT
Miss O Singleton [H/W]EnglishTeacher of English
Miss S Slack [H/W]ScienceTeacher of Science
Ms H Smith [H/W]Psychology
Teacher of Psychology/Sociology/Geography
Mr S Stower [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths/Timetabler
Mr M Sylvester [H/W]GeographyTeacher of Geography
Miss T Taplin [H/W]EnglishHead of Year 10/ Teacher of English
Miss H Teskey [H/W]Performing Arts
Teacher of English
Mr K Upton [H/W]ScienceTeacher of Science
Miss T Vine [H/W]ScienceHead of Science
Mrs L Warman [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Miss C Wild [H/W]GeographyHead of Year 8
Ms R Williamson [H/W]Science
Modern Foreign Languages
Teacher of French
Miss N Wood [H/W]EnglishTeacher of English/ Literacy Co-ordinator
Mr M Wraith [H/W]MathematicsTeacher of Maths
Miss K Zaccardelli [H/W]ArtLead Teacher of Art

Classroom Learning Assistants

Mrs C AshleyInclusionHLTA
Mrs D BrewinInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Mrs A HindInclusionHLTA
Ms K HopkinInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Mr W LimbInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Miss R LowInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Miss J PalingInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Miss K ParkinInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Mr L ShorterInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant
Mrs E StreetsInclusionClassroom Learning Assistant

Administrative Staff

Mrs K BeresfordReceptionist
Mrs G BradleyData and Assessment Manager
Mrs T Coulson [H/W]Operations Manager
Mrs L DyeReceptionist
Mr K FarnworthReprographics
Mr T GibbonStrategy Support Manager
Miss A GreenOperations Apprentice
Mrs A JonesData & Assessment Assistant
Mrs S RobinsonAccounts Clerk
Mrs E WassAdministrative Assistant

Ancillary and Technical Staff

Dr H AmiriScienceScience Technician
Mrs R KennedyLibrary Assistant
Mr S MounseySenior Technology Technician

Student Services

Mrs H FairweatherHome School Attendance Co-ordinator
Mrs T GuyAttendance Officer
Mrs M HagueEnglish
Inclusion Manager
Mr G HarrisPhysical EducationBehaviour Manager
Mrs B RogersBehaviour Manager

Site Team

Mr M PettittSite Manager


Miss K CarrCleaning Supervisor
Mrs L EllisCleaner
Mrs W GillCleaner
Mrs J HigginsonCleaner
Mrs J JarrettCleaner
Mrs E RanbyCleaner
Mrs G ReillyCleaner
Mrs M RootCleaner
Mrs D TrumanCleaner

Midday Supervisors

Mrs S ColesMidday Supervisor
Mrs M MitchinsonMidday Supervisor

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