School Day

Our School Day

Here are the details for the school day.

The structure of each day looks like this:

Event Time
School gates close (5 mins to get to tutorial) 08:45 am
Tutorial 08:50am
Period 1 09:25am
Period 2 / Break 10:15am
Y11, Y8 & College Break 1- 10:15 to 10:35am then P2 starts at 10:35am
Y10, Y9 & Y7 Break 2 - 10:15am & then break from 11:05am to 11:25am
Period 3 11:25am
Period 4 / Lunch 12:15pm
Y11, Y8 & College Lunch 1 - 12:15pm to 12:50pm then P4 starts at 12:55pm
Y10, Y9 & Y7 Lunch 2 - P4 at 12:15pm & then have lunch 1:05pm - 1:40pm
Period 5 1:45pm
Period 6 (No Period 6 on a Friday) 2:35pm
Extra Curricular Sessions - Mondays and Tuesdays only (non compulsory) 3:25pm to 4:05pm

The compulsory school day finishes as follows

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday @ 3:25pm

Friday @ 2:35pm

Students can sign up to the extra curricular timetable on Mondays and Tuesdays until 4:05pm but this is not compulsory

June 2024


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