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Welcome to the Meden School Website.

I hope that as you explore the site, you will get a flavour of the unique culture that exists within our school. Our aim is very simple and that is to be recognised as outstanding in every aspect. The determination of staff and governors to achieve this goal is very strong and is based on our core belief that every child can succeed.

At Meden School we have a ‘can-do’ culture grounded in:

  • A culture of high expectations and standards
  • A clear sense of purpose with students who are given the drive and ambition to succeed
  • Teachers trained to bring out the best in every student
  • A firm emphasis on good behaviour so that the environment we provide is calm and orderly
  • High expectations of smart uniform, attendance, punctuality and excellent manners

We have a strong learning ethos, this is grounded in the pastoral care system of the the School. Each child is part of a year group and also a member of one of the 3 school Houses, Challenger, Endeavour of Discovery. These house are named to reflect our ethos:


Students enjoy new challenges and solve problems though being creative, innovative and taking calculated risks. They are prepared to be flexible, to negotiate and exhibit leadership skills that bring out the best in others. They are driven by a vision of excellence and a spirit of creative enterprise. They realise that every challenge is an opportunity to grow and develop.


Students think creatively and positively about their learning; they have a ‘can do’ attitude. They engage enthusiastically in lessons and in the life of the school in a spirit of endeavour which leads them to achieve their goals. Students are determined to succeed through having the highest standards of work, behaviour, attendance and punctuality.


Students actively involve themselves and others in seeking out and shaping new meaning and possibilities; they are innovators, they take part and they are prepared to experiment and keen to discover. Students seek out new opportunities and through this develop as self-confident, life-long learners.

We are committed to academic excellence and many features on the following pages will reflect that excellence. At Meden, we are ambitious for our students and keen to ensure that they are thriving in a vibrant academic environment which provides pace, challenge and support. We place an emphasis on the development of skills alongside knowledge so that our students become active and independent learners, prepared for both further education and for their place in an increasingly global society.

All schools are charged with developing pupils’ knowledge and understanding of spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues and themes. Subject leaders complete an SMSC audit of their taught curriculum, and identify opportunities for teachers to engage pupils in wider debate. Our staff are expected to promote a sense of social conscience, empathy and appreciation of the diverse nature of modern Britain. Some elements of SMSC education are delivered through bespoke activities such as PSHCE sessions , assemblies, charity events, tutor set activities and the work of our student council. These activities provide pupils with opportunities to learn about their rights and responsibilities in society and give them a clear understanding of British Values.

At Meden School we know every individual is unique and we want every talent and ability to be recognised and developed. Through our Tutors and Heads of Year we provide a strong and effective pastoral system that supports every child in our school.

Whether you are a current or prospective student or parent/carer, potential member of staff or a casual browser taking an interest in the school, I trust that you will find our Website a useful source of information.

If you would like more information, please contact school reception.

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