Beginning in year 10, students will study the BTEC Tech Award in Creative Media Production. It will focus on the core media platforms of print media (newspapers, magazines, posters), broadcast media (T.V. radio, films, adverts, trailers, music videos) and interactive media (video games, websites, social-media platforms and apps). The course is divided into 3 components listed below:

  • Component 1: Exploring Media Products (Internally assessed, 30%)
  • Component 2: Developing Digital Media Production Skills (Internally assessed, 30%)
  • Component 3: Create a Media Product in Response to a Brief (Externally assessed, 40%)

Component 1 & 2 are internally assessed pieces of work, better known as coursework. These components account for 60% of the students’ overall BTEC grade. These components will test a variety of skills and will require students to create a portfolio of evidence in class which can either be handwritten or done on computers. Students will have to demonstrate their ability to use computer software, conduct research and analyse existing media products.

Component 3 is a final exam which will be taken in the final year of study. It will take place in the classroom as students will need access to computers in order to respond to an industry style brief set by the exam board. The three components in the qualification give learners the opportunity to develop broad knowledge and understanding of the 3 main media sectors and learn relevant skills such as research, planning, problem solving and communication that are linked to working in the creative industry.

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