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Sept-October Maths Star Students

After such a fantastic start to the year, there are many students that deserve to be recognised for their hard work and achievements. Star student nominations are reserved for those students who truly do stand out, not just for their work ethic or the quality of their classwork; these students have also shown perseverance and resilience when faced with difficult tasks and remained positive. They have made great progress in their own work and are a credit to the school.

The Nominees are:

Year 11 Nominees

Eloise O’Donnell, Gabrielle Avison, Tay Bowler, Joe Slaney, Mazie Piontek, Cory McFarlane

Year 10 Nominees

Mitch Dear, Paige Dennett, Sam Bull-Gardner, Sophie Booth, Abbi Davidson

Year 9 Nominees

Charlie Stocks, Cody Brazier, Brooke Simpson, Kayleigh Poulter, Bradley Dennis

Year 8 Nominees

Scarlett Taylor, Rhianna Gash, Patrick Brown, Leo Kantowski, Libby Croshaw, Izzy Nattriss, Caitlin Harley, Maddie Piontek, Ebony Turner, Skye Turner ,Callum Turton

Year 7 Nominees

Sophie Holden, Matthew Betts, Summer Love, Zarah Matters, Jamie-Leigh Bilbie, Sienna Millington, Kyle Clark, Logan Huskisson,

Paige Cotton​

Well done and keep up the good work!

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