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Use the links below to visit our favourite sites. Use the link in the 'Related Downloads' panel to view or download a PDF version of this list which you can then either save or print out for future reference.

GCSE revision and support links

Music bitesizeBBC bitesize revision and information pages, lots of examples to listen to and questions to test yourself with.
AQA GCSE homepageAQA GCSE MUsic teacher and pupil information and resources
EDexcel GCSE Music homepageEdexcel GCSE Music teacher and pupil information and resources
Edexcel AS Music homepageEdexcel AS & A2 Music teacher & Pupil information & resources
Moby revision videoVideo of 'Why Does My Heart?' with revision notes
All Blues revision videoVideo of 'All Blues' with revision notes
Electric Counterpoint revisionVideo of 'Electric Counterpoint' with revision notes

General music revision

Doddle websiteRevision material for years 7-12

A level Music links

Music homework links

Show My Homework websiteWebsite being trialled for homework for certain classes, visit and register please!

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