At KS4 students study the BTEC Level 2 Tech Award in Art & Design Practice where they extend skills formed in KS3 with the introduction of photography and digital based media. There is an emphasis on recording, developing, refining and presenting.

At KS4 students are encouraged to become independent learners and to use time outside of the lessons to develop work and skills further. Students are encouraged to take ownership of their work and to develop their own artistic style.

Students are expected to be able to complete work outside of lessons so having a small collection of art materials such as watercolours, pastels and pencils are desirable. The Art Department have devised a student kit complete with a carry folder and sketchbook which students are able to purchase at a discounted price.

Here is a small selection of some of the amazing work completed by our students.

Below is information about our KS4 curriculum. Each drop down box contains the topics we cover. For more detail on the knowledge we teach, please click on each medium term plan. Our curriculum map shows the learning journey that our students embark upon.

In Year 10, students study the following topics:

  • Sea Life Project
  • Freak Shake Project (part 1)


In Year 11, students study the following topics:

  • Freak Shake Project (part 2)
  • Externally set assignment


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