Students follow an in-house scheme of work across years 7-9, it is both ambitious and aspirational, covering all the content required by the National Curriculum and beyond. We encourage an investigation led, skills-based approach to learning and seek to secure ambitious rates of progress for students.

The Key Stage 3 maths curriculum has been written to provide the essential content and skills required to succeed at GCSE, as well as developing skills that are essential in all aspects of life, such as logical thinking and problem solving.

Each year group will be taught 5 lessons per week and are taught for ability rather than age, this means each class at some point, will experience different content within a topic area based on individual and class needs.

Year 7 Sequence of Learning:

Year 8 Sequence of Learning

Year 9 Sequence of Learning:

In year 9, students are split into a higher/foundation pathway with the focus being on the essential content and skills required for GCSE success. Within these topics, there will be an element of consolidation as well as new content.

Foundation Pathway

Higher Pathway

October 2020


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